Chicago Bears GSH Schutt XP Authentic Helmet | THG Custom

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Customized on one of Schutt most popular on-field design, this collectible Authentic Schutt XP football helmet was custom designed and created by one of our helmet artists specifically for the biggest Bears fan you know.

Custom EOS visor, custom "GSH" visor tabs, and custom logo clip covers complete the look you have always wanted but haven’t been able to find, until now.  


  • Large size Schutt XP shell and padding
  • 20mil Helmet Decals
  • Schutt SCC Big Grill Custom Facemask
  • 4-point chinstrap 
  • Custom 3D Bumpers

Upgrades Included with helmet purchase:

  • EOS Custom Cosmic Visor
  • Custom Visor Clips and Clip Covers
  • Custom Visor Tabs
  • USA Flag Helmet Decal
  • THG Helmet Decal

Schutt Authentic helmets are the same helmets worn on the field. These helmets have all interior padding, liners and jaw pads and feature a real metal faceguard with an authentic, high-impact helmet shell. 

Note: For ornamental use only, and not for play in any sports activity. Comes with No-Wear Bar.

Perfect for display in your home, office or man cave! Perfect for autographs!

 Approximate Size: 12.5” (L), 9.5” (W), 10.5” (H)

These helmets are created and designed to be one of a kind. No substitutions. Helmet is sold as is.