Goku Custom Football Visor | EOS OV1

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Experience the fusion of the EOS OV1 football visor and our innovative Phantom Iridium Coating (PIC™). This remarkable combination creates uniquely enticing custom football visors that are bound to draw attention.

Our Goku custom football visor is handcrafted on demand by our expert design team, enhanced with the PICS™ Blue Ice finish, reflecting a brilliant spectrum of icy blue chrome.

Our multi-color coating reveals a smooth, glass-like transparency, ensuring the dependable protection that EOS athletes have come to rely on. Engineered to deliver lightweight eye and face safety, each EOS OV1 visor maintains a clear and sharp field of view for superior performance.

All custom visors uphold the same high-performance and safety characteristics inherent in the EOS OV1 visor, adorned with a custom finish that's truly a sight to behold.

Designed for optimal compatibility, EOS football visors fit seamlessly onto the most popular helmets and facemasks in the market, including brands like Riddell, Schutt, Xenith, and Vicis. Regardless of whether you're just starting out, or competing in Pop Warner, High School, JV, College/NCAA, Semi-Pro, or preparing for the NFL, we offer a visor designed to keep up with your style of play.

Stand apart from the crowd with the market's exclusive custom coated football visors.

Experience authenticity and style - no stickers, no vinyl, no decals, no tint. Just pure, unique, eye-catching design.

Phantom Iridium Coating (PIC™) by The Helmet Giant is available only on EOS football visors.

Looking for a different style? Create your own Custom Football Visor with any design you like.

Brand yourself. Make your visor just the way you want it! Talk to one of our pros.

Actual visor colors and appearance will vary based on lighting conditions and viewing angles.