Grape Ape 1.0 Football Visor | SHOC

Grape Ape 1.0 Football Visor | SHOC

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The Original Grape Ape 1.0 Football Visor by SHOC.

Now Included With All New SHOC VIPER Easy To Use Quick Clips.

MATERIALS: Shatterproof molded poly-carbonate lens, with anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings, applied. The resulting lens offers you Excellent UV protection from the elements. Certified to be almost 100% distortion-free. This allows you to see the action of the game perfectly clear and keep your eyes on the ball.

The Clear SHOC visor is 100% NFHS, High School, Youth, NCAA and NFL legal.

SHOC Visors are extremely reflective. The exact color of any colored or tinted visor will change with its surroundings and will look different than the photos in this listing. We do not guarantee exact color match.