New Britain Jr Canes Football Visor

Regular price $29.99

  • Clear EOS Football Visor with custom New Britain Jr Canes Tab and Clip Covers.
  • A portion of the proceeds will be donated to NB Jr Hurricanes Youth Football.
  • Orders are open until August 22nd and and all visors will be delivered to New Britain Jr Hurricanes in early September.

  • EOS Football Visors

    Enhance your game and your helmet with increased impact resistance, optical clarity, and anti-fog protection that will leave your competition in the dust.

  • The universal fit of all EOS visors allows you to customize your look on almost any helmet and facemask combination with little to no gaps.

    Made with high precision injection molding, these polycarbonate visors are available in clear, tinted, mirror, and iridium colors.

    Enhanced Ocular Shields are the ultimate visor for both on field and display customization. A smooth surface allows the full range of custom options: tabs, clips, full wraps, chrome, optically clear films, and more...

    Comes with 2 sets of visor clips, visor clip decal pack, and visor tab decal pack.