Tribal Custom Football Visor | EOS OV1

Tribal Custom Football Visor | EOS OV1

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This Tribal Design Custom Football Visor, exclusive to the EOS OV1 series, embodies the spirit of the game with a fiery blend of traditional design and modern innovation. Adorned with a dynamic tribal pattern, it's the perfect accessory to assert your unique identity on the field while protecting your vision from glare and impact.

Our exclusive Phantom Iridium Coating (PIC™) technology lends a dazzling Blaze finish to the visor, reflecting a stunning spectrum of red, orange, and yellow hues. The multi-colored coated effect not only adds an aesthetic punch but also retains a smooth glass-like finish for uncompromising vision.

True to the quality promise of the EOS brand, this custom visor provides the same high-performance eye and face protection that our athletes swear by. Engineered to be lightweight and durable, it ensures a sharper field of view, helping you track every move on the field with precision.

Despite the custom finish, this Tribal visor upholds all safety and performance features synonymous with the EOS OV1 visor. It is designed to seamlessly fit a wide array of popular helmet and facemask brands including Riddell, Schutt, Xenith, and Vicis. Whether you are an aspiring player, a high school athlete, a college-level competitor, a semi-professional, or an NFL hopeful, this visor is built to endure the rigors of every game level.

Ditch the ordinary and let your unique flair shine on the field with the first-ever custom-coated football visors on the market.

This is a product free from stickers, vinyl, decals, or tint. The distinctive Phantom Iridium Coating (PIC™) by The Helmet Giant is an exclusive feature of the EOS football visors.

Have a design idea that's close to your heart? We offer you the option to create your own Custom Football Visor. Connect with our design pros to materialize your vision into a visor that's uniquely yours.


Please note, the actual visor colors and appearance may slightly vary based on different lighting conditions and viewing angles.